Q.  Where is the Festival located?
A.  The Festival is located in Historic Downtown Irondale.  It runs down 20th St. S. from 4th Ave. S. to 1St Ave. S. and extends a block east and west down 2nd Ave. S. and 1st Ave. S.
Q.  How much does it cost to get into the Festival?
A.  Admission to the Festival is free.
Q.  Are dogs allowed within the Festival?
A.  Well-mannered socialized dogs are allowed but must be on a non-extendable leash no longer than 5 feet.   
Q.  Where may I park my vehicle?
A.  Street parking is available in the neighborhood outside the parameters of the Festival. Please be respectful of the residents’ property and driveways.
Additional parking is available at The Station at Grants Mill (5400 Beacon Drive,   across from Sam’s Club). A shuttle runs from 10:00AM to 5:00PM with stops at The   Station, 4th Ave. S., 1st Ave. S. and 1st Ave. N.
Q.  Does the Festival provide tents, tables or chairs?
A.  The Festival only provides a booth space. You must bring your own tent, tables and chairs. 
Q.  Do I have to have a white tent?
A.  Unless a colored tent is part of your business logo or part of a themed display, we request you bring a white tent.
Q.  Is there electricity?
A.  If you requested paid for power, you will be within 100 feet of an electrical outlet. You will need to bring your own 100 foot extension cord.
Q.  May I set-up all or part of my booth on Friday?
A.  You may only set-up Saturday morning during the hours specified in the confirmation email sent to you by the Festival.
Q.  Do I have to get a business license?
A.  The City of Irondale waives the business license requirement for the day, for vendors participating in the Festival.
Q.  Do I have to pay sales tax?
A.  Sales tax must be remitted to the City of Irondale, Jefferson County and the State of Alabama. A package with more detailed tax information will be provided at check-in.
Q.  How many people attend the Festival?
A.  Prior year attendance has been approximately 8,000 individuals.

September 30th, 2017

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